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How did you feel, chief
When you refused Sunny's lure?
Pretend as if you were Jesus Christ
Indeed, I think it's really true

"I can't help
I don't wanna watch girls dive in ecstasy"

How are you really mad;
The medicine made from banana
Will make you turn into someone you hate
The most ever in your life

But you dealt
But you dealt it like a souvenir in a package

I've peeled and grasped a banana
You've sucked and tasted a banana
She took it in her hand, flung it down, kicked it far
Population consists of chimpanzees, banana peels and her

What's wrong?
It's an unusual stuff
Elbow aside endorphin and something bigger to lean on


from Import​/​Export EP, released February 29, 2016



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port Sendai, Japan

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